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We Are Webgriffe

We help brands and companies do business online by creating customized E-Commerce ecosystems, operating in the main phases of digital value creation: strategy, design, development, and web marketing.

We put our heart into everything we create and provide solutions for every challenge that comes our way. We work to earn the trust of our clients, side by side, designing omnichannel strategies and realizing digital projects that foster the digitalization of their business models.

We design and develop B2B and B2C E-Commerce solutions for brands and retailers that, due to their needs and DNA, are looking for personalized solutions that inspire and engage companies and their customers.

We follow a top-down approach, ensuring readiness for change and consolidated expertise in Digital Strategy, User Experience, Software Development, Communication, and Web Marketing. We rely on a mix of methods taken from the world of digital business and Agile methodology.



We consider highly strategic the development of significant relationships with the main service providers and the new technologies integrated to ours, in order to guarantee our customers the highest level of customization and the biggest offer that meets specific needs.

Over the years we made new partnerships with important Italian digital companies with which we share tools, datas and research on the digital environment for a further increase of our work's authority.