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For one of its client portfolio company, Mondadori Content & Data involved Webgriffe in the realization of the E-Commerce Ability Art. The client company is in charge of promoting and distributing artwork on the market reproduced on different media and since its inception has used the mail order channel.

After a prior with the business strategy activity directed by Mondadori Content & Data, the online store development, a highly customized features project, was realized thanks to Webgriffe participation for the Design and Software Development activities in Magento E-Commerce.

The customer goal was to expand its traditional sales channel and launch a renewed project through the web. The teamwork was coordinated by Cemit Interactive Media, a company of Mondadori Content & Data, which involved Webgriffe for activities regarding the implementation of UI Design, up to to the implementation of the functionality and logic of presentation of the catalog and sales on the Magento E-Commerce platform.


The project was carried out in an extremely short time, despite the initial highly challenging requirements. The customer's catalog, in fact, is based on a constant combination of works and media on which these can be reproduced; it's possible to see that in the main navigation, which allows the user to browse to collections of works by support. This feature introduced a high number of complexities that impacted the catalog, product attributes and data import procedures.

Webgriffe completely designed the entire User Experience of the E-Commerce store, actively working on the responsiveness starting from the Magento theme and creating all the website of the graphics and communication.

The key component of the project is the configurator, which allows the user to choose the media to print on the selected work chosen from the catalog by displaying in real-time the result. Thanks to deep experience in the development of customized E-Commerce solutions, Webgriffe has enabled the customer to achieve their intended goals.