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  • Artimondo

    Marketplace B2C on Magento Platform

    Technical Direction and System Integration for the first marketplace builth on the Magento platform.

The Artigiano in Fiera B2C marketplace, where artisans from over 110 countries in the world can sell their products online.

In 2014 Ge.Fi. S.p.A. involved Webgriffe as the E-Commerce Partner to renew its project and reach the set growth business goals. Webgriffe took action on all the project aspects: from the User Interface Design, to the Magento E-Commerce development, simplifying some processes, optimizing the IT functionalities and integrations and obtaining an important cost reduction in terms of management.

The core of the project is represented by the implementation of the marketplace functionalities to provide the artisans an independent management of their products and orders.

The project also involved the porting from the NetSuite to the Zucchetti AdHoc ERP, the development of specific SEO optimization, the periodical restyling of the User Interface and the progressive opening of foreign markets shops.