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    Art Direction & Digital Marketing

    Content Marketing and Art Direction, Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Community Management, and Email Marketing for the internationalization of the Brand

Content Marketing and Art Direction, Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Community Management and Email Marketing for the internationalization of the Brand.

For over 60 years, Midland has been synonymous with mobile communication in Europe and around the world. High-performance intercoms, CB radios, and walkie-talkies for professional, recreational, and amateur use. Technology and reliability for travelers: motorcyclists, truckers, off-road enthusiasts, as well as outdoor activities and sports enthusiasts, whether alone or in a group.

The collaboration with Midland started with the beginning of its partnership with the prestigious VR46 Riders Academy of Valentino Rossi. Webgriffe was initially involved in conceiving and overseeing the production of the official video announcing the partnership between the two companies. Webgriffe's efforts then shifted to the strategic definition and implementation of a mix of activities aimed at increasing Midland's Brand Awareness and the level of engagement with online communities of enthusiasts.

The goals set during the strategic planning phase were widely achieved within the first 12 months of work: the number of followers on Instagram tripled, and the Engagement Rate on posts increased sevenfold. These results were made possible through collaborations with over 15 international influencers and direct involvement of motorcycle communities worldwide.

Webgriffe has particularly taken care of drafting and defining the Content Strategy and formalizing it in a shared document with the client. This document outlines the key points of the communication strategy and the methods for creating and distributing online content, both for the official profiles and those dedicated to the brand's primary markets (EMEA, LATAM, and India).

In day-to-day operations, Webgriffe consistently collaborates with Midland's marketing team on omnichannel digital marketing activities, including editorial planning strategy, Social Media Marketing, Community Management, Newsletter and Automation, and Blog.

A source of pride in Webgriffe's work for Midland is the wide range of activities undertaken in Influencer Marketing: influencer scouting, contractual management, development of personalized communication proposals, coordination, performance monitoring, and analysis.

Webgriffe has progressively provided Midland with a team of experts spanning from Digital Strategy, Social Media Management, Copywriting, to Art Direction, overseeing the creative direction and the production of video and photographic content for use in posts and stories on the brand's official social profiles.