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  • Sarchio

    Digital Commerce & System Integration

    Design, E-Commerce and Digital Marketing for the organic food industry

For over thirty years Sarchio brings biological, Gluten Free and Vegan food to the Italian tables.

As part of a general image and brand restyling, Sarchio involved Webgriffe in redefining its Digital Strategy. Together with the the company growth, the project went from being a corporate communication channel to an online B2C sales one.

So, Sarchio is now able to meet the needs of an always bigger food-quality-care audience increasingly oriented towards online purchases.

Along with Sarchio Marketing and Communication team, Webgriffe developed inbound marketing strategies and implemented solutions that encouraged the brand communication development with a strategy based on food bloggers content shared on the main online touch points (website, newsletter and social media).

This engagement strategy led to a progressive increase in terms of customer loyalty.


“ Thanks to Webgriffe our Company's online reputation significally improved. The commissioned project was not easy to perform because it placed itself into a long restyling process that involved brand, packaging and communication tools of our Company. We are very satisfied about the results and the professional contribution brought by this highly qualified and customer-oriented, problem solving team. ”

Sandra Mori
Marketing Manager