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  • Professional Body Supply

    Magento E-Commerce Design & Development

    The Tattoo, Piercing and Permanent Makeup Products E-Commerce, leader in Europe

Professional Body Supply is the online megastore for Tattoos, Piercings and permanent make-up products, leader in Europe from over 12 years with more than 10.000 avant-garde and prompt delivery products.

The project involved Webgriffe for a prior consultancy activity with the intent to develop specific audits in order to put into evidence the pains that compromised the good E-Commerce website functioning on various aspects: User Experience, Sales Performances and Technological one. The audits generated intervention hypothesis divided into the different pains, priority that Webgriffe shared with the client.

Webgriffe carried out the complete front-end redesign in collaboration with the company's digital team and proposing different User Experience improvements mainly focused on the mobile interface.

Technologically, the application of the Magento E-Commerce development Best Practices, the obsolete refactoring procedures and the loading times optimizations, led to a general improvement of browsing and stability, increasing the user's average time spent on the website.

The Artificial Intelligence systems deployment was carried out with a first testing phase and, after the good results obtained, a next one of Product Recommendation implementation and abandoned charts recovery. These important tools for such a big catalogue allowed a progressive increase of the average revenue and a major service level perceived from the clients.

annual revenue

“ We have always believed in the online sale of our products, aware that it is necessary to work with a structured and fully capable and supportive agency. We were not satisfied with our website too-common theme and user experience and we thought it didn't represent our company best value. That's the reason why we started working with Webgriffe who first carried out a careful analysis and then proposed some good solutions to improve the site. The management of all technical interventions and the development of the new graphic theme has always been impeccable. We were pleasantly surprised, compared to our previous experiences, by their speed in solving problems of any complexity, by effective and practical communication, and by the very high level of skills found in each of the Webgriffe team members we had the pleasure to work with. ”

Michele Varrasso
General Manager