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  • Socks Burger and Fries

    B2C E-Commerce on Magento 2

    Technical direction, UI/UX Design and Development on Adobe Magento 2 E-commerce platform

From an idea of Numero 8, already the owner of the SUN68 and Cycle, a new project that mixes the passion for food with the desire to stand out with creativity and irony is born.

The Webgriffe team took care of the technical management of the project with particular care of the website UI-UX design and its software development on the Adobe Magento 2 E-commerce, integrating business systems and building a digital ecosystem that includes the website, company management, warehouse, and logistics, but also content management tools like the headless CMS Contentful and Mailchimp the for Email Marketing and Marketing Automation activities.

The company's goal to lay the foundations for the launch on the digital channels of the new brand and compete on international markets has stimulated Webgriffe to focus on equipping the company with minimal tools that could support the development of both Brand Awareness and Marketing and Communication activities on social networks and on the search network.