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  • Ruote da Sogno

    Passion Investments Luxury Goods

    Communication, Design and System Integration for the brokering of vintage cars and motorcycles

The first exclusive show-store of the most important brands in the vintage cars and bikes field.

The Digital Strategy project that Webgriffe carried out for Ruote Da Sogno involved various aspects of communication and brand positioning on international markets.

After a first phase of rebranding, in accordance with the complete online and offline corporate image redefinition, Webgriffe worked systematically on all the digital channels redesigning the website, creating a Web Marketing team (SEO, Paid, ADS, Newsletter) and supporting the Content Creation: photo and video shootings, copywriting, 360 photos, paper tools etc.

The Ruote Da Sogno digital activity is developed with care and review of the informations contained in the vintage Cars and Bikes catalog.

The constant growth and evolution of the Ruote Da Sogno business requires continuity in the deployment of new functionalities and system integration, to guarantee an appropriate digitalization level of the workflow (purchase and sale flow) followed by the sales force and the administration office.


“ A high-talented and skilled team with a strategic vision oriented to smart digital and technological supply solutions. Webgriffe has a deep sense of understanding and sharing the company goals, for a unique business formula. The KPI data management for performances evaluation is very appreciable. A passionate partner who accepted a planetary challenge! You have to clone them! ”

Patrizio Zaccarelli
Marketing & Sales Manager