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  • Stocksmetic

    B2B E-Commerce & System Integration

    The first italian packaging E-Commerce for the farmaceutical, fragrance, skincare and make-up B2B market

Stocksmetic is the first Italian E-Commerce packaging platform, addressed to the fragrance, skincare, pharmaceutical and make-up B2B markets.

Born in 2014 as a spin-off of an important Italian company, today it actively operates in Italy and USA, EMEA, Oceania, Asia and North America areas.

Stocksmetic' offer consists of a varied selection of bottles and jars that can be combined with complete ranges of identical accessories depending on the model and a complete customization service of the secondary packaging: screen printing, labels, and cases. The online sale of this type of products and services has benefited from the construction of a network of experienced and certified partners able to support the business, guaranteeing a high level and maximum integration with the supply chain.

We were involved in the project in order to help the business expand on the online market; at the time, the company only worked on the Italian offline market. In synergy with the company marketing and communication divisions, our intervention involved a great work on the website usability and the communication of the Value Proposition helping the company position as a market leader and point of reference.

Parallel to the activities of Lead Generation and team growth (operations related to logistics and Customer Care) we intervened on the stability and technological performance to scale the business. The entire B2B sales platform was designed and built by the Webgriffe team on Magento E-Commerce technology. The user interface, which is constantly evolving to adapt to the company business needs, allows customers to make pre-orders, stock orders of customized products or order samples.

A large number of more than 7,000 orders per year, has required overtime a careful System Integration activity in order to integrate the B2B platform with business flows such as Administration, ERP, Logistics and Customer Care. The platform communicates with the company ERP through a proprietary middleware developed by Webgriffe, for the product synchronization, stocks, customers and orders and allows the integration with third parties services.

The platform performance improvement is an activity we carried out every day, analyzing the Customer Experience, evaluating the results obtained and implementing improved strategic solutions and data-driven. This integrated working method has allowed a substantial increase in the average receipt, an increase in the level of quality of service perceived by customers during purchase and a growth of more than 70% per year. This led this young company to reach the 3 million online sales revenue.

annual growth

“ Professionalism and willingness distinguish Webgriffe in designing, developing and supporting our projects even when requests and times are very challenging. Webgriffe is our trusted partner for the realization of digital solutions for our business needs. ”

Laura Groppo
Digital Business Specialist