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  • Tosingraf

    B2B E-Commerce & System Integration

    Strategy, design, and development for an innovative future oriented B2B e-commerce ecosystem, fully integrated with the company's business processes

As part of a digital transformation path, Tosingraf entrusts Webgriffe with the design of an innovative B2B e-commerce ecosystem, integrating it into the business’ processes

Tosingraf knows the industrial printing, after-printing and personalization professionals very well. In more than 45 years, the company has seen many changes, always managing to adapt and aim for excellence. Tosingraf is the Italian reference point in the production and marketing of equipment and consumables for all finishing needs.

The Digital Transformation project aims to maximize the efficiency of the digital channels to make them protagonists in the achievement of Tosingraf’s business objectives. Doing business online means needing a solid, scalable and proven e-commerce ecosystem. This has to be flexible in order to allow the company to implement new tools offered by the market and new strategies that allow it to increase the Customer Experience: shopping process satisfaction, the shipping timing and costs, customer experience.

At the beginning of our collaboration, the company was stucked on a Magento 1.9 E-Commerce platform with very high maintenance costs.

Starting from such a peculiar business, Webgriffe team opted to start the project from the design of the website architecture, services and systems that would give life to the digital ecosystem of the new E-Commerce project.

« We knew we needed to improve the key processes that Tosingraf carries out every day and empower them in terms of efficiency and velocity. The company was equipping itself with Modula vertical warehouses, completely changing its internal logistics, so we chose to create a modular ecosystem, easy and quick to evolve, which could be able to follow and support the transformation of the company. » - Cristian Galletti, CEO at Webgriffe.

Talking about technology, the E-Commerce ecosystem is composed of Sylius (headless E-Commerce platform), Akeneo (the Product Information Management that allows the customer to easily manage both catalog and product master data), Contentful (headless CMS useful to manage the CND content), ActiveCampaign (Marketing Automation), Clerk.io (artificial intelligence applied to product research and recommendation). Last but not least, the ecosystem is equipped with Arca Evolution ERP, Gsped (multi-courier and multi-country shipments manager), and VTENEXT CRM.

To achieve the platform performance improvement, Webgriffe worked on the User Experience and the User Interface complete redesign, starting from the taxonomy and browsing redefinition. The results were not long in coming: the new website scored a +30% on its main metrics like the number of orders and the turnover generated in the first quarter following the go-live and compared with the previous year.


“ We were looking for a high-profile digital partner who could support us in the realization of three complex projects: the complete remaking of our B2B e-commerce, the introduction of a Marketing Automation strategy and the implementation of a platform for a more efficient management of our online and offline content. With Webgriffe we found a unique agency: an extremely professional, prepared, easy-going, and helpful young team that was able to guide us throughout the design and development path in an organized and punctual way, listening to us, accepting our requests, and translating them into solutions thanks to the use of the best technologies available on the market. We highly recommend Webgriffe to those who are looking for a partner capable of going beyond the mere creation of a website, a partner with a strong ability to fully understand the business dynamics to offer an overall and strategic vision of the digital project. ”

Davide Rossi
E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Manager