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  • Polyphoto

    B2B E-Commerce on Sylius platform

    Digital Strategy and E-Commerce development for the official Italian distributor of digital and professional photography brands

Born from an Alessandro Pirera business idea in 1959, Polyphoto is today an influential digital imaging and Italian photography distributor.

Polyphoto is the official Italian distributor of prestigious brands that made the history of photography like Kodak, Polaroid, Olympus and Tamron. Sixty years after its birth, the company has taken an important repositioning path on the Italian market combining distribution activities with the online sale of products in complete synergy with the retail.

Webgriffe supported the company in the first step of Digital Strategy definition thanks to a two-day workshop with the managers, analyzing the Business Model and Value Proposition. After defining the digital strategy and evaluating its impact on the company's processes and business, we stepped into the design of the operational solutions, in order to give value to the company online, maintain an adequate level of communication and develop the technology platform and the System Integration.

The synergy between the direct online sales channel and the retail one took shape into the definition of adequate pricing policy and the realization of a useful tool also for the retailers on the Italian territory. Thanks to the website, retailers can now order on behalf of their clients deciding to send the products bought to their store or to the client's address with no necessity to complete the transaction thanks to the agreements between the parties. On the other hand, clients can buy online and request a pickup in the nearest store, ensuring an increase in business for all parties involved.

The E-commerce has been developed on Sylius platform and integrated to the PIM (Product Information Management) Akeneo in order to manage the big catalog and the product database. The content management is carried out thanks to the implementation of the Contentful headless CMS connected via API to the platform.

“ Webgriffe was to us a precise and trusting partner. We worked so good together in the creation of our E-Commerce dealing with constancy and analysis at every step of its creation and developing a hybrid B2B/B2C innovative platform on our channel. The workflow has been punctually shared and this allowed us to overlook the single projects development and intervene on the go with every kind of correction. ”

Umberto Pirera
General Manager