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  • SUN68

    B2C E-Commerce & CRO for Fashion

    Creative Design, Development and System Integration of the B2C E-Commerce for the casual fashion brand

SUN68 is a casual fashion Italian brand careful to details and materials research. The brand was born with the intent to fill a gap in the fashion business: people are not conceived as final consumers, but finally as the center of a creative process.

The collaboration between Webgriffe and SUN68 started in 2014, when the Brand's continuous growth required the help of a reliable E-Commerce partner. From that point on Webgriffe was able to anticipate and answer to the SUN68 staff requests thanks to a working method built and thought to punctually meet the client's growing Consultancy, Design, Technologic Development and Digital Marketing needs.

The realization of the new SUN68 E-Commerce website version goes hand in hand with the development of a sales plan in line with the retail channel and the definition of a marketing and sales strategy able to let the business grow on the european market.

The website sun68.com has been totally restyled and developed on Magento 2 E-Commerce platform with the integration of innovative functionalities in order to raise the users engagement, optimize the integration between E-Commerce, logistics, company ERP and self management of the communication contents by the client through the headless CMS Contentful.

Technological modernity, attention to the image and communication of the brand thanks to the creative concepts and photo contents care in order to enhance the brand identity giving the right emphasis to the collection.

Further business development are now on the go thanks to the integration with the Artificial Intelligence platform Clerk.io for the data collection, monitoring and analysis of the users behavior with the intent to produce products aligned to the clients taste. This approach has a strategy which is definitely to be considered as brand centric.

“ The first thing we appreciated about Webgriffe is the everyday problem solving real-time attitude with the ability to find the right and fastest solution, but the aspect where Webgriffe team really succeeded in making the difference was their capability to communicate in simple and understandable way even to non-technical people. ”

Simona Casarotto
E-Commerce Manager